Aaron StoddardThe Active Leader was founded by Aaron Stoddard. Aaron has a deep passion for investing in others. He has been mentoring and developing leaders since 2012. He is a Certified Master Consultant with The Birkman Method, the most comprehensive behavioral assessment in the world.

Aaron established The Active Leader in 2018. A finance graduate of the University of Georgia, Aaron has always had an interest in supporting those around him with achieving their goals. He currently works full-time as the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager for Barkawi a Genpact company and utilizes his free time coaching and mentoring others.

The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method is a scientific, multi-dimensional assessment. With more than 65 years of proven reliability and validity, its time-tested innovation in organizational psychology uncovers deep levels of personality and perception, greater than any other assessment in the market. Millions of individuals around the world achieve greater success through the measurement of Interests, Usual Behavior, Needs, Stress, and career preferences, all uncovered with the Birkman Method.

Most behavioral assessments categorize individuals as “types” compared against what is considered normal behavior within a controlled testing environment. The Birkman doesn’t assume a “norm” or label people into “types.” You are who you are. And who you are is important, valuable, and perfectly great.


Aaron works to uncover your interests as part of understanding your overall motivations. Identifying interests is a small piece of the Birkman process and can elucidate aspects that impact how we communicate with others, define personal fulfillment, and more. Here’s a little insight into some of Aaron’s Birkman Interest. Feel free to reach out and ask him what these mean.










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