Going at it alone can sometimes be nice. You get to do things your own way, there is less conflict from others, and best of all, you get all the glory for your accomplishments! But is going at it alone, really the best way? Let’s take a look at this month’s principle:

“A chord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.”

One person can only do so much before they break. Two, three, or even more people, can accomplish greater things together than one person can alone. For the most part, I think we can agree with this, so long as each person is working towards the same purpose.

This is how real teams and communities should work. No team should desire any individual member to break. If all individuals have this same mindset (the desire for each person to succeed) and a firm foundation in this principle (working together provides greater strength than working alone), they are more likely to act as one, increasing their ability to do far greater things.

Unfortunately, it is rare to see this happen. We are, by our very nature, selfish and prideful. All it takes is one person acting in his or her own self-interest to derail the entire team. But that does not hinder the importance of this principle. In fact, it makes it more important, because the principle is true. If we learn to act as one, being many, we become an unstoppable force.

Even if a group gets derailed, they can still get back on track. Conflict can be resolved. The truth is, conflict is bound to happen despite our best efforts. The danger in conflict is leaving it unresolved, which happens because we have forgotten that we are stronger together. If we live by this principle, we fight to resolve conflict and overcome it.

When this principle becomes real in someone’s life, asking for help, giving help, and resolving conflict become simple things. This is the only way to have real community in a team.