Last month, we focused on the question, “Who am I?” This only naturally leads us to ask, “Where am I going?”

You most likely have a good idea of where you are headed this year, and maybe where you are headed in the next few years. Do you know where you are headed in 5 years? How about 20 years? What about 50?

The first step to this question is focused on the end of your life.

What I mean by this is, what is your long-term life purpose? At the end of your life, did you fulfill the purpose within your heart? If we can answer for ourselves the long term, all of a sudden, the short term gets clearer and easier to manage. It allows us to make better decisions and brings direction into focus. It helps us see what is important to us.

This can be separated into business and personal, or it can all be summed up into one. It doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t have to be just one thing. The objective of the question is to get clarity of purpose. It can also change as time goes on; it doesn’t have to be written in stone!

The key is getting to an answer. Of course, this is much more difficult if we don’t know who we are. So, we have to diligently ask both “Who am I?” and “Where am I going?”  As time goes on, we change, and so can our internal purpose. That’s okay, too. And that is why it’s important to continue asking both questions.

Once we have an answer, it must remain top of mind. Keeping our answer top of mind is what keeps us focused and keeps our perspective where it needs to be. It helps us remove some of the daily anxieties we face by making it easier to let go of smaller things that cause us stress because we are now working towards a bigger picture, allowing us to experience greater joy.

So, where are you going?