Last month, we spoke about fear. Examining our fears naturally leads us to our next question. In what, who, or where, do you place your hope? When someone is too afraid to confront their fears or examine why they are afraid, it is often because they don’t know what to put their hope in.

This can be a tough question even if we are willing to examine our fears. We have all suffered disappointment at one time or another (if not regularly) in our life. Human nature includes selfishness as a means for survival. And that selfishness is never quenched. When we hope for something and our hope is met with disappointment, we can harden our heart towards hope.

The key is putting our hope in something greater than ourselves. Too often we can put hope in our self or into something temporal. But how can we hope in our self? We cannot do all things, be all things, or survive all things. And how can we hope in something temporal, something that fades away? Our hope must be placed in something bigger than us if it is to be real hope. It must be placed into something eternal.

Think about it. Why do you think there are so many different religions in the world? Forget about who is right or wrong and let the science speak for itself. Hope is good for us. Now, that doesn’t mean I think you shouldn’t explore and examine what you believe. We should not have blind hope. Hope is only productive if met with conviction based on truth.

As hard as this question may be to answer and as long as it may take to find an answer, it is still a very important question that we shouldn’t shy away from. Finding an answer will reveal much about who you are.

So, where do you place your hope?